All in One

Universal Remote Control+ Smart Bulb + Smart Adapter

FanosBox is a smart electronic device that allows end users to control different household electronic devices such as TV, Radio, Satellite receiver, Air-conditioner and more by using a smartphone or personal computer. This device will also enable power adapters and bulbs to perform beyond

their basic functions via automated power flow that can be set as per the consumer need. The smartphone can be used to control bulbs and other electronic devices connected to it. FanosBox can offer a cheap and free local wireless router.
All in one smart-box.


Universal Remote Control + Smart Bulb

Control Everything like magic!

FanosBox is a built-in programmable remote control, that monitors consumer electronic devices using an infrared technology such as TV, radio, air-conditioners, fans and so much more. In addition, FanosBox can also be used to transform old-bulbs to be smart and adaptable from an individual smartphone and personal computer.


Smart Power Adapter

We're all about energy conservation!

FanosBox can effectively manage the consumption on the flow of power. On daily basis, our devices such as laptops computers, smartphones, and the likes are plugged in and charging. Once our gadgets are fully charged, the powerline is automatically disconnected by cutting off the power line. This is achieved by using a custom designed FanosBox consumer app where users can set their preferred option to automate the flow of electricity on any power slots.


FanosBox and its benefits!

Among several features that FanosBox support, below are the main services.

Control TV, Radio, Air conditioner

Includes programmable built-in infrared sensory devices that users can train any remote-control-code which later on can be used by smartphones for controlling household devices that support infrared signals.

Power Usage Analytics

Monitoring daily, weekly and monthly power usage analytics along with predicting future power usages is possible by using Fanos Smartphone app.

Out-of-grid and Cheap Wi-Fi Router

By tether Wi-Fi network, FanosBox allows the user to play multiplayer games, chat through it and use it for any other service as a wireless device without requiring an internet access.

Media coverage

CGTN aka CCTV featured FanosBox